2x Nautix 0.5 kg /Antislip transparant incl. gratis verzending

€ 70,00 € 52,00 (inclusief btw)

Lycra's vallen iets te klein ! 


1 bus is goed voor 2/3 boards

NAUTIX GRIP is a 2-pack colourless non-skid paint formulated to give the best foot adhesion over deck, bilges or companion way, and is especially recommended for solicited areas : deck, windsurf boards,… 
This paint is composed of high-quality compounds which bring very good hardness and resistance to abrasion and chemicals. 

Pack sizes : 0.5kg 
Colour : transparent 
Mixing ratio (volume) : 3 base / 1 hardener 
Thinner/Cleaner : DP 
Substrates : GRP / wood / metal / plexiglas





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